The Village Manager

Elizabeth Scott

Village Manager
44 Towncenter Dr.
University Park, IL  60484

Village Hall:  ( 708) 534-6451

Fax:                  (708) 534-3430 



The Village of University Park operates under the Manager-Council form of government,
which is regulated by state law. 
Under this form of government, the Mayor and Board of
Trustees set policy, 
and the Village Manager is responsible for carrying out their directives.

The Village Manager's duties include:

  • Enforcing all laws and ordinances within the Village
  • Attending all Village Board of Trustees meetings -
  • The Village Manager may take part in discussions but has no vote
  • Recommending the adoption of any action that may be deemed necessary for the welfare of the Village
  • Appointing and removing all Village employees with the exception of firefighters and police officers, who are under the jurisdiction of the Fire and Police Commission
  • Exercising control over all Village departments
  • Preparing and submitting an annual operating budget to the Board of Trustees for approval
  • Authorizing the purchase of necessary equipment, materials, supplies, and services not to exceed $10,000 - all purchases and contracts in excess of $10,000 must be approved by the Board and secured through competitive bidding or authorized by a bid waiver
  • Prescribing rules and regulations regarding the conduct of all Village employees
  • Performing other duties as prescribed by state statute, Village codified ordinances, or by resolution of the Board of Trustees