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Do not Consume Advisory Background Information-July 11, 2019

Do-Not-Consume Advisory Background Information   

University Park Lead results as of July 5, 2019
To ensure continued transparency as we work to restore safe drinking water
for all residents in University Park, Aqua Illinois is sharing its sampling results 
on regularly to keep the community and other stakeholders 
informed of our progress. 

University Park Lead results as of July 5, 2019

Myths & Facts About the Water in University Park 
Myths & Facts

Lead Analytical Results

Recent University Park sampling was done under Aqua Illinois 's Kankakee's facility ID after the switch over. 
 Data for lead analytical results for University Park’s water can be accessed as follows:
  • For lead data before 2018, use Aqua Illinois-University Park (IL1975030)
  • For lead data between 7/1/2018 and 6/30/2019, use Aqua Illinois-Kankakee (IL0915030)
  • For lead data after 7/1/2019, Illinois EPA will be switching back to Aqua Illinois-University Park (IL1975030)

Illinois EPA Web Site

To see results go to the Illinois EPA homepage 

  1. Click on Drinking Water Watch
  2. Enter the Water System No. – for 2018 data, use IL0915030
  3. Click on the ID hyperlink.
  4. Click on Chem/Rad Samples/Results by Analyte
  5. Click on the analyte code for lead 1030
  6. The results for 2018 and 2019 that are listed currently are all from University Park. Kankakee will be sampling later.

To see the 90th percentile value for lead

Repeat steps 1-3

 4.     Click on Lead and Copper Summary Results
(Note: the DS2 code means this is University Park data.)

Sampling of Lead Documents
Click this link to page for updates, sampling results, affected areas.  
Sampling of Lead documents

Click this link to the FAQ page for frequently asked questions

List of Areas No Longer Under the Do Not Consume Advisory
Please note, if you live in the following areas, your home has been removed from the do not consume advisory and it is safe to consume your tap water: 

Arbors at Hickory Creek  
Fairway Club Estates  
Pine Woods Court*  
Governors State University  
All service areas West of I-57  all service areas West of Old Monee Steger Road* 
Thornwood House Apartments 
Rosedale Subdivision (including: Cody Lane; Madisen Lane; Cassandra Lane; and Kevin Lane)
Pine Trace Court

 *Unless you live in Pine Woods Court and were directly notified by Aqua Illinois that your home remains under the do not consume advisory.
Until further notification, we recommend customers in these listed areas flush the fixtures in their homes for two minutes prior to consuming tap water.

Please continue to visit or call 877.987.2782 for more information.
Up-to-date as of 06/26/2019

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