Agendas and Minutes

Mayor & Board of Trustees Board Meetings

Special Board Meeting 1-15 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video       More...
Rescheduled COW Meeting 1-15 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video       More...
Regular Board Meeting 2-19 Agenda       Packet       Video      
Regular Board Meeting  2-26 Agenda       Packet      
Regular Board Meeting 1-25 Minutes      
Special Board Meeting 3-12-19 Agenda      
Mayor & Board of Trustee Meeting COW 3-12-19 Agenda      
Regular Board Meeting 3-26 Agenda       Packet       Minutes      
Mayor & Board of Trustee Meeting COW 4-9 Agenda       Packet       Minutes      
Special Board Meeting 4-10 Agenda       Packet      
Mayor & Board of Trustee Meeting Apr 23 Agenda      
Special Board Meeting May 14, 2019 Agenda      
Public Hearing Notifications

01/15/19 TIF 7 Redevelopment Project Agenda      
2019 Public Hearing Notice April 23, 2019 Agenda      
Human Services & Special Events Committee

04/11/19 HSSEC Committee Meeting Agenda      
02/07/19 HSSEC Committee Meeting Agenda      
12/15/18 HSSEC Committee Meeting Minutes      
11/28/18 HSSEC Committee Meeting Minutes      
11/15/18 HSSEC Committee Meeting Minutes      
10/04/18 HSSEC Committee Meeting Minutes      
09/20/18 HSSEC Committee Meeting Minutes      
08/18/18 HSSEC Committee Meeting Minutes      
08/01/18 HSSEC Committee Meeting Minutes      
07/26/18 HSSEC Committee Meeting Minutes      
HSSEC Committee Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
5-11-19 Human Services & Special Events Agenda      
Finance Committee

01/19/19 Finance Committee Agenda      
Finance Committee Meeting 2-20 Agenda       Minutes      
Finance Committee  Meeting 12-20 Minutes      
Finance Committee Meeting 1-16 Minutes      
Finance Committee 1-17 Minutes      
Finance Committee 3-21 Minutes      
Finance Committee 4-17 Agenda      
Plan Commission

01/22/19 2019 Plan Commission Agenda Agenda      
Cable Commission Committee

01/28/19 Cable Commission Meeting Agenda