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698 Burnham Drive
University Park, IL 60484
Ph: (708) 534-6451
Monday- Friday:9:00am -5:00pm
SAT: Closed
SUN: Closed
Why did the sirens go off?
Weather warning sirens are tested at 10:00 a.m. on the first Tuesday of every month to assure that they are in proper working order. Should the area be experiencing severe weather during this time, the siren test will not be conducted until the first Tuesday of the following month. When you hear the sirens during severe weather, this means that a tornado has been spotted heading in our direction. Immediately seek shelter in a basement or other area below grade level that is not exposed to windows. Wait at least 30 minutes before exiting this safe area as we do not issue an “all clear” announcement. If available, you may tune your radio or television to an appropriate channel for information.


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3. Why did the sirens go off?
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